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Izumi Konata
Or Kona-chan. Or Konakona. Or if you're Misao, Chibiko.
Or if you're me, ダーリング. The bad katakana pronunciation instead of English winds her up, which is usually returned in kind.


Despite her high-level ability at stealing (eroge) girls' hearts, she's still female herself.
Evidently, she's capable of stealing my male 3DPD heart too.


Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Pretty much the only prefecture I can remember for Im@s quizzes, now. Luckily, she knows the rest - the two things are likely related.

Blood Type:

"Earnest, sensible, reserved, patient, responsible"
I still don't believe her when she says she's type A, which usually results in a kick on the shin.

Star Sign:

Perfect compatibility with Libra, of course~


Illegible handwriting aside, I'm endlessly envious of the ability to play videogames with one hand while eating with the other.
Keep finding the controls left flipped into leftie mode, though.


142cm (4ft 8in)
Used to her advantage frequently; she can just about fit in my crossed legs while watching TV. I prefer calling her 'compact' over 'short'; perfectly formed either way.


Light enough to use as a shoulder-mounted navigator in Comiket; that's all you need to know.


If flat is justice, Kona-chan is the greatest Sentai hero of all time.
The bagginess some shirts 'present' in that area is one benefit I can appreciate too.


Videogames, Anime, Reading Manga
When people say I talk annoyingly long about otaku-things, I can only imagine their response to the two of us in a room while we disagree on who best girl in the latest harem is.


Snacks, Moe
The two of which could be summed up as 'Philosophy', with how much of an art form she has her love for them down.
It's a good thing I like moe too - she's a constant supply, after all.


Mozuku Seaweed, Sports (on TV)
Seriously, is there anything worse than sports on TV? You sit down to watch or record something, and then 'nope, this game's taking up 3hrs and is going to overrun, hope you didn't want to watch that'.
Worst thing imaginable.

Favourite Colours:

Red, Black
I try to refrain from making 'edgy' comments...
Under construction...
Under construction...
Under construction...
Under construction...


All of the things I've written are basically answers to a bunch of questions... I get a little carried away and the answers end up being huge though!
For the time being these are unedited from when I originally wrote them, so some might be a bit messy since they're from a Q/A thing. There's over 30 total, now I've got the HTML system working I can start editing them to upload here!


More to come~


I'm not very good at writing; I still tried to do something interesting from a perspective point of view.

As a result, all of the little popup boxes will have a colour; blue represents my perspective, and pink represents hers.

Right now, the site is nowhere near complete though.
This site was coded from scratch with little other than AI YO being the motivation. Contains non-free Javascript, and probably a load of browser compatibility problems. Designed for Firefox, compatible with Chrom(ium) too.